June 25, 2018

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Last Tuesday of June 2018, motivated by the Open House Days organized by the Society for the Protection of Animals and Plants of Alicante, “La Tramoia” Occupational center belonging to the network of centers of IVADIS (Valencian Institute of Care for the Disabled) visited the hostel facilities.

Members of the Occupational Center for people with psychic difficulties, took a tour and heard a talk about the need to protect animals. SPAPA, with its new association Best Fiends Equality believes in the connection between animals and people with integration problems as therapy to favor daily life.

The President of SPAPA, Michel Follet, sharing the impressions of each one of the visitors realized the sadness and need they feel to be able to enjoy animals in their centers of residence; situation that is difficult today due to the sanitary and administrative regulations existing to date.

Dr. Follet, said he will intervene in this problematic reality for the good of all.

We will remember, the images of happiness when people could share with the different animals present in the shelter.